Had a stroke?  We are here to help!

For 30 years, Skills Plus has been assisting stroke survivors and other physically disabled adults regain functional, social, cognitive, and physical skills through interactive classes and a strong support system.

Skills Plus is an affordable, awarding winning program that:

  • Provides training and activities focused on functional skills and independence.
  • Offers opportunities for group interaction and socialization
  • Has caring capable instructors who are licensed and credentialed medical professionals.
  • Provides a safe, supportive and stimulating learning environment.
Clients work hard to improve their functional skills like learning to walk and being able to communicate with their loved ones.  It is in mastering these basic skills that allows the stroke survivor to live at home and continue to be a part of their family.

Services are geared toward stroke survivors but are not limited to that group.  People with Parkinson disease, chronic heart and lung disease as well as other related physical disorders can benefit from the program.Skills Plus offers classes in mobility and communication skills as well as independent living activities.   There are also monthly caregiver classes.    Please help spread the word about the services that Skills Plus offers.  Perhaps you already know about Skills Plus, or maybe you know someone who could benefit from the program.  
 Reach us at:

(408) 423-3570.

Skills Plus Program
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