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Skills Plus Program
Help for stroke survivors

Meal preparation

The student is assisted in achieving varying degrees of independence in meal planning, task completion, sequencing, and following written as well as verbal directions through group participation.  Curriculum addresses preparation of simple snacks as well as planning and preparation of more complex entrees.   Safety awareness, planning, and positioning are practiced.  Nutrition is emphasized and foods prepared during class are served to all students during the social break.

Arm, Hand, and Trunk

The student develops and improves range of motion, prevent pain from decreased flexibility, increase sensation, tone reduction, and improve body awareness.  Students also work to increase fine motor hand function and improve coordination.

Adapted Activity/Perception

The student learns cognitive processing, task sequencing, initiation and completion.  The long term goal is to renew student interest in productive activity and independence.  Students work on selected craft or hobby activities, puzzles and table top games.  Eye-hand coordination skills, visual tracking, scanning, sequencing, and other visual and spatial skills are challenged.  Compensation for visual problems are emphasized.