Skills Plus Program
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Skills Plus Program
Help for stroke survivors

Language Skills 

This class assists the student to think of words and to communicate verbally on a single word, phrase or sentence level.  It also addresses the preservation of the ability to understand, retain, and recall words.  Advanced students communicate verbally on complex topics.  Students engage in social conversation and may practice giving verbal instruction to others.

Enunciation Skills

The student learns techniques to improve pronunciation of sounds and words  and to enhance clarity of speech.

Reading and Writing

The student improves the ability to spell, read and write at varying levels of complexity; can include math.  Conversion to use of non-dominant hand for writing skills can also be practiced.  Computers are also available.

Memory and Listening

This student learns strategies to improve memory skills, teaching a variety of ways to remember information that is seen or heard. Students learn to listen carefully and to use these memory strategies.  Curriculum contains functional applications of these skills.